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By shouting instructions they informed him where to locate and salvage ammunition from their camp.This Oosthuizen was able to deliver by charging with his horse through the Zulu file, while covered by the defenders of the hill.Simply put, the user will always have the tool they need always available and exactly where they need it to be at the time they need it.Welcome to your new command center for business communication.

Hans van Rensburg's party were compelled to leave their wagons and retreat on foot to a hill, Rensburgkoppie, which was protected by a cliff on one side.

With the defense strengthened, the Zulus retreated.

Two months afterwards, on 15 April 1838, Andries Pretorius reflects in his journal: "As we were separated from one another, they succeeded in their attack at daybreak at Blaauwekrans, thereby killing 33 men, 75 women and 123 children." The Piet Retief Delegation massacre and the Weenen massacre was the motivation for the Voortrekkers to confront the Zulus in battle on 16 December 1838 when 470 Voortrekkers fought against an estimated 15,000 to 21,000 Zulus; which the Voortrekkers won.

Bambatha's main ally, the 95-year-old Zulu aristocrat Inkosi Sigananda Shezi of the ama Cube clan (cousin and near-contemporary of the Zulu king Shaka) was captured by the colonial troops and died a few days later.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 Zulus were killed during the revolt (some of whom died fighting on the side of the Natal government).

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