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Talk about ANYTHING you like, write poetry, tell me about your day, ask me anything, you can even yell at me for not posting and write "you probably don't even read this, but...", just don't argue about meaningless shit here.The fact that the people on this blog are so cool and friendly is the reason I've kept doing it. After the success of certain films this year, they have decided to "shake things up" this time around. I play Vesper Lind, a German spy who loves trip-hop and raves. Check out the trailer for, "Thank you For Smoking". I cruise quicktime for movie trailers and that looks like one of the coolest ones. (one photographer got a shot of my tail and things got blown out of proportion.)I do love Life Cereal. Man it's good; either flavor.)I am going to be Vesper Lind (the new Bond love interest).On GS, I was in Jersey and NYC and I know my way around those places. Posted by Zach Braff at PM | Comments (2140) | Permalink May 13, 2005 As we say in Montreal, "Bon Jour"!But there's not too much going on on a Tuesday night in Montreal. First off, the answer to a very popular question: Yes, I am the voice of the Cottonelle puppy. We've had a bunch of his music on Scrubs and I'm telling you if there were a stock market where you could invest in future sensations, I'd put all my money in Radin Futures. Those of you who watch know we've gotten a little crazier; a little more surreal; a little more stoner-friendly. At last count I think he was allergic to air, water, lawn grass and food. If you live in LA and want a good laugh, check out the local ABC nightly news.

The movie is going well, I haven't filmed too much yet, but I start working pretty non-stop on Monday. Today is a big day; my last day at home before I leave for Canada for two months.

It's been a long time since we spoke, so I thought I'd post on this overcast day in Los Angeles.

but heck stick around, there's something for everyone on this site.

2) Check out Lori Mc Kenna, "Beautiful Man" on i Tunes. love,zb Zach You know you're bored out of your mind when you're watching Rob and Amber get married!

It will make you feel warm and fuzzy and sad and happy and lonesome all at the same time. Filming a movie in a foreign city can be hard sometimes when you quickly run out of things to do.

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