Your dating my ex

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When Garrett and I broke up, we had 10 months left on our lease.In an attempt to ride it out, we established clear rules, most of which were meant to ensure we acted respectfully toward each other.

Luckily, Garrett and I were Although I never wanted to get back together with Garrett, the emotional connection was undeniably still there.In a time when rent is more expensive than ever, especially in big cities like LA and NYC, I know I’m hardly part of the only couple to live together post-breakup. You may be saving money and hassle, but at what cost?It can work, but again, under very specific conditions. If you can’t be respectful toward each other, get out. It’s something every couple has to weigh for themselves.We agreed to keep the details of any new romantic relationships to ourselves, and we swore never to hook up or do anything platonic roommates wouldn’t do.To help ourselves follow through on that promise, we learned to limit our hangout time.

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