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Because my time is being used to develop other aspects of my love and life in fitness, my workouts are now a bit more, what I call, relaxed.

More ‘fun.’ I will always be active – it is in who I am. I am still doing a ‘split’ BUT I leave more room for ‘fun’ like martial arts, dance and stunt performing.

In high school – I wanted to be competitive with the boys so I worked out with them. I am very lucky and very blessed to be making money and taking care of myself in a very tough industry. Stop waiting for opportunities to drop in your lap. And then, just taking the bull by its proverbial horns.

In college I was trying to impress the boys by squatting over 300 lbs. Xplode before any tough training or cardio session. Everything I have I have fought for – NOTHING absolutely NOTHING has been given to me. I can talk all day about being yourself and doing what makes you happy in the long run. Everything you want – you have to go out and get yourself. The people who think like this – are the people that succeed in the end.

when they are your manager), continue to resist temptation and keep things professional. There are too many scenarios when it doesn’t work out, and then you’re stuck working with that colleague.

Or even when it does work out, dating may feel challenging enough in the beginning—let alone having to see the person on a regular, daily basis, which can impact your performance at work, concentration and productivity, as well as others around you.

Another thing is how to wear your makeup for guys, how guys want you to wear makeup, how guys want you to dress."I feel a warm and fuzzy connection with the magazines reminisced about on @thankyouatoosa, while at the same time acknowledging that they partly destroyed my brain.

I'm still in recovery from mainstream 2000s teen culture, where concerningly skinny straight white girls holding Starbucks cups in paparazzi shots were considered the only beauty standard worth aspiring to.

Boomers and Xers mourn their good ol' days on Facebook; for Gen Y and Z, reminiscing takes place on the grid.

scan that describes, in detail, something called "the low-rider workout." Dating back to 2002, it's a gym routine for young women who want to "bring their belly button out of hiding." An insect-thin model smiles knowingly at the camera, her jeans slinging so far below the belt that you wonder how her underwear isn't visible.

"When you're a 15-year-old or 14-year-old reading that, while your body is growing and changing and you're going through puberty? Pre-body positivity movement content aside, it's the abject focus on dating and boys that gets to her the most: "Literally how to be a cool girlfriend guides, I've seen.

They used to call me “The Machine” at my old gym – well, that was ONE of the nicknames! Fashion design would come third after being a master swordswoman if it wasn’t fitness. As far as basic cardio I am stepmill and runner but a treadmill warrior nowadays. I do love the idea of running that Princess Marathon at Disneyland though. I know what my body likes and I know what it takes to look good. If I eat too much soy sauce on my sushi, it’s going to be bloat city, sweetheart. Those last 1.5-2 weeks are crucial – brutal, really, in terms of dialing in. My first piece of advice to anyone wanting a better behind is to USE IT. Change doesn’t come “easy.” You have to MAKE IT CHANGE.

I like feeling strong like I can take care of myself. Right now I am taking a break (not sure how long, but it’s needed like nothing else) from the stage – so I am letting my body heal from over eight years of steady competing! My ‘split’ is (consider this ‘loosely’): chest (light now)/tris, back/bis, shoulders/calves (light), legs/glute matrix…abs three times a week and cardio…AS MUCH AS I WANT NOW. Most people do kind of know intrinsically (meaning you KNOW if you eat fries every day, those abs are not for you! I learned that just taking all carbs out of your diet in a frenzy is the best way to come in flat and “skinny.” Never a good look for the stage. I am giving my butt and legs to DANCE and stairs; My abs to the Captains Chair leg raises, OH! Meaning: if you are exercising and you don’t feel your glutes contracting, squeezing, WORKING…guess what?

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