Who is teddy riley dating

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We’re not sure how Teddy’s response flew under the radar, but this is what he revealed about Nia and Souljah Boy when he spoke with VHI in October: Teddy Riley: I don’t watch it at all. The reason why is because they are right, in the sense that I can’t stand to go for it, and when I was on the show, I went on the show to actually talk to her because she wouldn’t answer my calls about her situation with that guy. Now I just get it on Twitter and Instagram, they’re like, “Man, you need to go and slap him” and “You need to go and do this to him,” and I’m like, I can’t do nothing to that gentlemen because the simple fact she’s welcoming it.If she came to me and say, “Dad, this dude is trying to hurt me, and hurt me real bad, and I need something done about it? Then that would be, “You need to leave him, for good but I’m not going to do nothing to him because you welcomed that. When you tell me you’re fine, I’m thinking you’re fine, because you’re handling it.” I said, “If you ever need me to handle something, then I can handle it, but my handling is going to be a little different.Holding on to the grudges that one's past left isn't a wise thing to do.Be it, love, relationships or life, moving on is a must!We had already taken screenshots of his tweets, posted it on here, and you all let him have it, as he so well deserved.Here is what a few of y’all said about Soulja Boy’s words: After getting feedback on social media and catching wind of Soulja’s disses, Teddy didn’t hold nothing back. I can’t do what I used to do when she was young and put her on punishment or say, “You can’t go outside” or “I’m taking your phone.” She’s got her own phone and she’s got her own life and all I can do is say, I’m not going to watch.I’m going to defend the situation, and I’m going to tell you that you need to leave him alone forever.When you get me into this, that’s when I’m going to say, “Okay, I’m going to be the dad that I used to be.

Through his production work with Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Doug E. He has eight children, including daughters Taja, Nia and Deja. The least compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Cancer and Capricorn. Like many celebrities and famous people, Teddy keeps his personal and love life private.

Teddy Riley is being accused of beating his daughters because they had an issue with the woman he is dating because she is close to their age. According to the police report filed by his 18 year old daughter Taja, Teddy beat her with the guitar from the Rock Band video game. Taja suffered injuries to her temple, bruises, and a contusion on her face (see pics below).

Back to the story, well Taja claims her father punched and kicked her and her older sister before kicking them out.

He said a lot of uncalled for things, such as calling Nia a “bit*h” and his more recent diss was when he posted “F*ck Teddy Riley!

”…then he quickly tried to snatch his Twitter post down, but it was too late.

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