Who is russian president dating

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His ex-wife The Putins split in Their divorce was announced in an unusual way.

The couple made the announcement during a public appearance at the State Kremlin Palace. During the intermission, they told the media they had decided to end their marriage.

Said Putin in a statement released by the Kremlin: All this is for you, ladies.

And the ladies like him Putin has been serenaded in public. In the racy calendar, each woman left a seductive message for the president.

Copper Riot: In the early morning, a group of Muscovites marched to Kolomenskoye and demanded punishment for the government ministers who had debased Muscovy's copper currency.

A majority of Russian princes recognized him as a new grand prince.

According to the peace settlement, Yaroslav's son Vsevolod I married a daughter of the Byzantine emperor Constantine Monomachos. Igor swore to fulfill their request, but then reconsidered to do it.

Citizens of Kiev considered that oath-breaker is not a legitimate ruler anymore and chose to summon prince Iziaslav of Pereyaslavl to be a new prince of Kiev.

Lithuania and Sweden sent troops to liberate their new territories from Russian possession.

Dimitriy Ivanovich, Ivan the Terrible's third and youngest son, died in exile from a stab wound to the throat.

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