Who is judd nelson dating non religious guy dating catholic girl

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Of the guys you list, all fit the teen idol category except for Judge Reinhold.

That type of stardom never lasts (see David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, etc.).

He was supposed to be the star of Fast Times At Ridgemont High but Sean Penn stole the movie from him. I actually rewatched "Fast Times" and was suprised at how little time Spicoli actually had and how dumb the character was but, man, did it take me back to the 80's mall scene.

And there isn't one really cute guy in the whole movie, unless I'm forgetting someone.Look at the cast of the Outsiders movie, it's interesting to see who blew up and who's success was short lived.Andrew Mc Carthy is a fine travel writer, but he is a terrible actor.and I think that's only because of his family connections in Hollywood. Of all of those actors, the only one I truly enjoyed watching was Robert Downey, Jr. His success makes a lot of sense since he really was much more interesting to watch, even when his personal life was messed up. Downey's connections are not with his family at all .........is with directors who think he is talented, like to work with him and recommend him to other directors ...............but really, right now, his main success is getting cast as 'Ironman' ...........other than that, nothing else he's currently doing has hit big.

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