Who is jerry from icarly dating

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Spencer also frequently finds himself in sticky situations that serve as a subplot for the episode.

Some of these subplots include his nemesis, the notorious Chuck Chambers.

In i Do, it is confirmed that he hasn't had a steady girlfriend since high school, he doesn't like it when people say his butt is flat, and he drinks milk in the shower (also said in i Got a Hot Room).

It is seen on a few occasions that he can play the banjo, a skill he has used to attract women.

Spencer also has a habit of trying to taste things he probably should not. In the same episode he tries to taste the "chunky red goo" Chuck puts in his motorcycle helmet, only to be stopped by Carly.

Although he may have quit law school after only for seventy-two hours, he still possesses some legal knowledge as shown in i Promote Techfoots and i Owe You. He never told his dad that he dropped out, as revealed in i Space Out.

He weighs 160 pounds (72 kilograms) and is usually seen with jeans on. Spencer is shown to have an eccentric, random, fun, and weird demeanor, but despite that, he isn't fooled easily, as seen in i Look Alike, i Date a Bad Boy, and i Get Pranky.

He is often called abnormal, weird, sometimes gullible and easily distracted, because he has a short attention span.

In i Do and i Got a Hot Room, an item of clothing falls off Spencer when he is in shock (his bow tie and his pants).

This is funny because in real life, these things wouldn't just fall down.

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