Who is diane sawyer dating

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According to Daily Mail, celebrity figures such as Meryl Steep and her husband Don Gummer, Whoopi Goldeberg, actress Natalie Portman, journalist Liz Smith, CBS journalist Lesley Stahl were present at the memorial.It was not only her husband she lost, but the 2007 Robert F.She is the former wife of late German-American film director Mike Nichols, who is one among 12 to have won Emmy, Academy, Golden Globe and numerous Tony Awards.70-year- Diane, a former model, was married to her husband Mike on April, 1988 at Martha's Vineryard, for over 25 years.His relationship to Diane was the longest in all of his failed marriages.Her husband, Academy award winner for 1966 movie , was previously married three times.

Following the same footsteps of her sister, young Diane also became the 1963 America’s Junior Miss.

However, she didn't want to continue modeling after being graduated.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English in the year 1967, she moved to Louisville with a change of mind to pursue a career in reporting.

The duo first met in 1986 in a lounge at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France.

The couple didn’t have any children but she was a step-mother to two daughters and a son from Mike's previous relationships.

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