When do summer and seth start dating

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In the episode The Rainy Day Women, Marissa moves in with Alex.

However, Alex and Marissa end up experiencing some problems in their relationship, mainly because of her jealousy towards Ryan.

Alex and Marissa start to watch a horror movie the night she and Seth broke up.

When they decide that they are cold, Alex reaches over Marissa to pull a blanket over them.

When Sandy, Seth's dad, shows up at the Bait Shop he asks her to tell Seth that they cannot see each other because Seth will not listen to him, as Sandy thinks Alex is a bad influence on Seth.

When Seth ends up coming by the Bait Shop after sneaking out she tells him that his dad came by for a visit, and that she needs to do the right thing and not see him for a while.

She advises him to fight for Summer, otherwise she'll never fall for him.

At the end of the conversation, she realizes that Zach is talking about Seth and Summer's relationship, and seems to contemplate making a move of her own.

I was debuting in NXT in 2014 or 15 and I made friends and enemies along the way, and everything.......

It turns out that Ryan and Alex have very little in common, and when the date is over Seth goes back to The Bait Shop and apologizes to her for the horrible night, in which she replies that he's bratty and immature, but also charming.

She says there is hope for him yet, and Seth asks her to go for ice cream. dance, she declines and tells him that he got the wrong idea out of the kiss.

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