Virtual dating games for teenagers

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These games can be located by pressing the Games icon on the top of the screen, then on Pop Cap Arcade.

This is an incredibly addictive game in which the objective is to repel the zombies, using a variety of different strategies, preventing them from reaching the house.

our World is a fun-thrilled game that is the best teen virtual world online, and has an unlimited amount of things to do...

However, with this comes the trouble of how to do it.

Matching this again with a pair or more of the same type of gem will cause it to explode and eliminate all gems closely surrounding it.

Matching 5 of the same type will create a hypergem, four of the gems used will disappear and one white orb will remain, match this with and pair and all gems of that type on screen will be eliminated!

As you progress you will earn a new variety of plants, each with their own specific feature, however, the waves will become harder with stronger zombies which require more to kill.

On the second level, their will be 3 paths in which the zombies can attack, and later on in the game, the remaining two will open, which will mean you ought to keep all paths defended.

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The Prize Wheel costs 1 flow and randomly generates a prize, ranging from measly amounts of coins to an enviable item of clothing.

Your username will act as your avatar's name, you only need to enter the e-mail and password upon login.

Now you have been rewarded with the ability to save, you have ranked up in the free virtual world online society. Tourists have access to a reasonable amount of features such as games, avatars and the ability to level up whilst unlocking new things, however, this process can be made incredibly easier if you pay to play, and become what's known as a 'Resident'.

This costs 5.99 each month, or you can pay a years subscription whilst saving 30% on the final cost, this amounts to 49.99.

The main methods to pay for these are Pay Pal and Credit Card. you already have reasonable access to what our World has to offer, so why become a member?

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