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If you have a firmware that's below 9.2, I'd recommend installing a custom firmware.That said, OP mentioned they have kids and CFW can be messed up unlike Sky3DS.In order to offer our clients the best and most complete services, we also included in our company offer the data entry service, one of the key elements in a loyalty program.Here at Supercard the data entry process is done in a very strict and confidential regime: We have our client’s trust and appreciation: Sensiblu, Electrolux, Altex, Media Galaxy, Mol România, Cetelem, Farmaciile Dona, Profi Rom Food, Rewe România (Penny Market), Sephora, Praktiker, Otter, MOL Romania, Kaufland.So we can leave that new cartridge aside :)No idea what CFW is. Above 6.x firmware likely fucked the dstwo firmware that isn't new enough to handle 7.x.After that, update the damn dstwo before applying 3ds firmware updates. If you have a nds that should also patch without the need to cfw.This makes the cart show up in the DS/DSi menu as if it actually is Star Wars Lethal Alliance.

Because of that, with the old OS you could play music and DPG videos, show pictures, read text files, etc.Hey, at least, it still works, at worst it's one game at a time! things got worse, DSTwo isn't working anymore on the console after the changes caused by Sky3DS. Then I love it : D I went to cartridges for budget reasons (low budget, no way to buy as many things as kids want), not for the love of hacking a handheld device, haha.I would really, really, really appreciate your help, please, I fear I screwed up something and my kids adore playing that console :(In short: What do you mean, Hanez, with "reformat your 3ds" ? I'll mention I'll probably ask for a replacement of the Sky3DS blue button with my seller, once christmas is over. I'd recommend setting up cfw, installing FBI, and using gateways ds cards patcher cia file to patch your sysnand to boot the dstwo. While pressing the RESET button, power on the device. Hold the RESET button until the BLUE LED flash 2-3 times, release your finger now. Change your computer' s IP address to manually netmask in Windows 7/8/10, refer the attached picture to set your IP. Visit using your browser, you will see the Breed WEB. Click “Choose File”, choose your own firmware, then click “Upload”, and then wait unit your new system boot up.

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