Updating my video card driver

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Tips: Certaily you could update your AMD graphics drivers with above steps unless you have a very specific reason for not doing so.

Even though you have regretted updating the display driver to new version, you could cancel it by restoring your system to the point created before driver upgrade, as long as you have created the system restore point.

Step 2: Identify AMD graphic driver model and operating system.

Then click DISPLAY RESULTS button to search latest version of AMD graphics driver you choose.

With the installation finished, the AMD graphics driver will be updated successfully after computer reboot.

You can check the model of graphics driver then to see whether it has been upgraded.

So painless that both websites happen to have automated resources that will (probably) allow you to make updating your video card drivers as simple as a few clicks.

Having such a limited choice really lends toward making updating the drivers a very painless experience.

From here, it should be easy to see what your video card is. It may prompt you to install an Active X control or bring up a software installation prompt. If the automated check failed, I strongly recommend you go back and wade through Option 1, manually selecting your card to update.

As you can see, I have the ATI Radeon HD 3200, ATI being owned by AMD. Right click on the name of your video card and click Update Driver Software…. The first option, displayed there, is what you want to click to automatically search online for driver updates. If you’re using an AMD/ATI GPU, you want to go here: there, you want to try to Automatically Detect and Install (to the right side). Feel safe to install and run any prompts that come up during the process because browser plugins are required to know what card you’re using.

In my humble and cautious opinion, there are two things that you should never put automated software in control of when you’re using a Windows system: your drivers and your registry.

Now, there are a whole slew of solutions for you if you’d like to go down that route, but if you’re an experienced user then I’d simply not recommend it.

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