Updating my credit report

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I’ve used three distinct addresses for all the credit cards and loans for which I’ve applied: my current address (the home that Sara and I own), the apartment Sara and I rented prior to moving to Savannah and the address of my parents.We lived in the apartment for five years, but it is nowhere to be found on my report.While it may not directly impact your credit score, ensuring there is no factually incorrect information on your report is of the utmost importance to stay vigilant against potential identity theft.As a kid travel meant hopping in the family station wagon and spending a day at the park or the beach.It is worth noting, however, that these types of errors are rare.

Another piece of information that is out of date on my credit report is my Previous Address section.Credit scoring agencies provide people with their credit report and score, which allows them to see how their credit history has affected their lending profile.This, in turn, will affect how likely that person is to receive credit and be accepted for a variety of products such as credit cards, mortgages, loans, bank accounts and even mobile phone and gas and electricity contracts.Have you checked your credit report and found an error in it?Read our guide to learn how to dispute your credit report and prevent errors from damaging your credit score.

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