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The following diagram shows a simplified message flow for a session using quota grants.

The client starts by requesting 10 units from the server.

Abstract This document specifies a Diameter application that can be used to implement real-time credit-control for a variety of end user services such as network access, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) services, messaging services, and download services. Introduction................................................. The specification of another cooperative standardization body (e.g., 3GPP, OMA, and 3GPP2) SHOULD be used.

Advertising Application Support....................... New service applications SHOULD favor the use of explicitly defined AVPs as described in items 1a and 1b, to simplify interoperability.

The server can use the used-units count for debiting the subscriber balance (granting units does not indicate that they will be used. It is also possible for the server to tell the client how long the grant is valid, in which case the client is expected to send an update when the grant timer expires.

There can be many update messages during a session.

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The message may also be generated by other diameter applications, such as NASREQ (RFC4005) for sessions that are time/usage-limited.

Session-based charging is typically used for scenarios where the charged units are continuously consumed, e.g. An event-based credit control process uses events as charging mechanism.

Event-based charging is typically used when units are not continuously consumed, e.g. In order to support Credit Control via Diameter, there are two Diameter messages, the CCR (Credit Control Request) and the CCA (Credit Control Answer).

A session-based credit control process uses several interrogations which may include first, intermediate and last interrogation.

During interrogation money is reserved from the user account.

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