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One time for the sim and one time because her double minutes only registered as single.They fixed that too right then and there so her experiece has been pretty good with them.Any such usage is considered unauthorized for which your Service will be immediately suspended.In the event of suspension for this or any other unauthorized usage, you will not be entitled to receive any refunds for your handset or unused airtime."" Have you checked how your tracfone looks like under your account in the website? If you are rude or "livid" with them you will get nowhere with them.My phone still shows the correct phone number, minutes and exp date but can't make or receive anything. It may have something to do with a weird clause of their TOS, which states "that you are not authorized to resell it"? But I hear a lot of people doing just that- selling theirs- ( i never did that , I usually discard my old one). UNAUTHORIZED USAGE; TAMPERING The TRACFONE handset is sold exclusively for use by you, the end consumer, with the TRACFONE Service available solely in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U. You agree not to unlock, reflash, tamper with or alter your TRACFONE or its software, enter unauthorized PIN numbers, engage in any other unauthorized or illegal use of your TRACFONE or the Service, or assist others in such acts, or to sell and/or export TRACFONE handsets outside of the United States.These acts violate TRACFONE’s rights and state and federal laws.Improper, illegal or unauthorized use of your TRACFONE is a violation of this agreement and may result in immediate discontinuation of Service and legal action.TRACFONE will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for chatting with Trac Fone Wireless." And she ends the chat. But the way they are acting I suspected something fishy was going on.

You agree that any violation of this agreement through your improper, illegal or unauthorized use or sale of your TRACFONE shall entitle Trac Fone to recover liquidated damages from you in an amount not less than ,000 per TRACFONE handset purchased, sold, acquired or used in violation of this agreement. If your TRACFONE has a SIM card, then you agree to safeguard your SIM card and not to allow any unauthorized person to use your SIM card.

You agree not to, and not to allow any other person to, directly or indirectly extract, alter, bypass, copy, deactivate, remove, reverse-engineer or otherwise circumvent, clone or reproduce the encoded information stored on, or the encryption mechanisms of, your SIM card or TRACFONE Phone via any software and/or hardware methods.

Then suddenly: "To further assist you with your issue, please contact 1-866-806-1840 and enter this PIN XXXXXX if prompted by the system.

Please be informed that the PIN will be valid within two weeks.

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