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Dolbear's work in Tufts was later continued by Marconi and Tesla.

Expansion of the chemistry and biology departments were largely led by scholars Arthur Michael, who was one of the first organic chemists in the U. Barnum was one of the earliest benefactors of Tufts College, and the Barnum Museum of Natural History (Barnum Hall) was constructed in 1884 with funds donated by him to house his collection of animal specimens and the stuffed hide of Jumbo the elephant, who would become the university's mascot.In 1875, as chair of the physics department, he installed a working telephone which connected his lab in Ballou Hall to his home on Professors Row.Two years later Alexander Graham Bell would receive the patent.During the Civil War the college actively supported the Union cause. Stearns which stood on part of the campus was a station on the Underground Railroad.In addition to having the largest classes spring up, 63 graduates served in the Union army.

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