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Never was that more evident than on Ashley’s first-ever Vancouver date.“I was down at Kits Beach minutes after signing my lease, and this guy walked past me three times with his dog and finally stopped and asked me out. None of them worked out.” Ashley uses plenty of online dating services, including e Harmony, Tinder, Happen and Bumble, and she gets a lot of attention. Sometimes, Ashley will have four dates lined up in one weekend. To be clear, I’m not sleeping with all these men and I’m not desperate.- Contributed Because of Vancouver’s apparent imbalance of single men and women (Ashley feels like the ratio is three single women for every single man), she also thinks that guys in this town have false confidence.“I’m thinking, ‘We’re passing all these amazing beaches, where the hell is this guy taking me?” Soon they were cycling uphill toward UBC, Ashley struggling to keep up with his geared bike, her opinion of him rapidly going downhill.

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Although most women agree that guys in Vancouver don’t suck per se, they should definitely dress a little better.

When they reached the top, her dress was soaked in sweat.

Her quads quivering, her date then led her down a series of stairs through the woods to a pristine beach.

“I let my dates know that this is who I am and this is what I’m looking for: a potential life partner who shares my interests.” This columnist happens to know a single Vancouver guy named Colin – a middle-of-the-road, average, normal guy – who’s looking for the same thing as Ashley.

People who have lived in Vancouver agree that the online dating scene there is the toughest in all of North America.

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