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People often look out for themselves, not their fellow man.That is not to suggest that you should stop being nice if you are, or that you shouldn’t be nice in the first place, just that you have to know when to close the door on a negative situation that may harm you.Quite often, they will then try to walk back their behavior by telling you that you just misunderstood, they didn’t mean it the way that they presented it, or that they were just joking.

Many people are selfish, self-centered creatures that are driven solely by their emotions and perspective of the world.

Sometimes you have to cause a disturbance if it means not being treated with respect.

Not every nice person in the world is nice because that’s who they are.

It’s an admirable desire and quality in any person.

Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of suffering, negativity, and selfishness in the world.

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