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This ‘getting to know’ act is done over lunch or dinner, taking one out for a movie or just spending time doing something of interest like visiting art galleries, museums, going to a concert or an amusement park etc.This activity is basically a way of determining whether they are mentally and physically a match.Alan (18) also argues that online dating services offer users a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional methods of dating.The I had an issue with a research proposal types of works.

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Definitely the most illusive dream I would want to be a reality.

The research study indicates that over the past decades, over 40 million unique visitors in the United States utilize online dating websites and more than 7 million online dating users have met face-to-face by their online partners.

Technology advancement has changed the lifestyles of many people in the society because it has made communication easier; thus, couples are nowadays able to find their soul mates through use of social media services.

Valkenburg and Jochen (849) argue that online dating has become a fundamental strategy for finding romantic partners.

Online dating has tremendously increased for the past two years because it offers an opportunity for forming and maintaining relationships through the Internet.

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