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Our moderators have been tagging all these live cams by hand.The tagging is done by going over their profiles one by one. Heidi laughed, picked up one of his hands, and placed it on her crotch. He was still frozen in place, his hand on her bare bottom.

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She was wearing his favorite black lace stockings, held up by a garter belt, another favorite of his; the clips holding the stockings had little black silk bows. She was wearing black leather half boots with 3 inch stiletto heels. She walked over to Delancey, now her height with her stiletto heels, and placed her arm around his shoulders; picked up his hand, and moved it across to her bare bottom.

She wore a soft black leather collar that fit high under her chin, a D ring in the front. Around her waist was a small chain, with a second chain looped so it hung in a wide, low U shape across the flat of her belly. She'd told Jack that it felt good against her skin.

Heidi disappeared into the bedroom, ignoring the one she and Jack shared, and the men sat in the living room. She had stripped and was now wearing little rings through her nipples.

"You know Heidi." "Yep." They ate, savoring the food, then the four of them went back to the hotel room. Jack turned on the TV, found the music channel, and let it play softly. Heidi returned after a few minutes, and the talking ceased.

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