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A total of 1272 youth met the study inclusion criteria.

From February 19, 2009, through March 2, 2010, we successively, avoiding anniversaries and holidays, sent these youth an introductory letter explaining the study objectives and inviting them to participate.

Hypotheses and study-specific questions were formulated based on simple content analysis of semistructured interviews with cancer-bereaved children and palliative care professionals, the research groups' previous questionnaires, and bereavement literature.

Initially, 16 cancer-bereaved youth were interviewed. The consequently formulated questions and response options were then tested for face validity by 15 bereaved and 2 nonbereaved young adults.

are prominent risk factors for suicidal phenomena, including self-injury.

However, in studies of risk factors of self-assessed self-injury in young people, death of a parent is indistinguishable from categories broadly labeled as “not living with both parents,” In preparatory semistructured interviews, self-injuring and other self-destructive behavior in bereaved children were described by widowed fathers and parentally bereaved young adults.

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Teenagers and young adults in the community (ie, nonpatients) are high-risk populations for self-injury.A research assistant subsequently called the young adults and asked for oral consent and group affiliation (cancer bereaved or nonbereaved).Those who agreed to participate were sent a questionnaire and a reply card.The assistant called those whose reply cards had not been returned.The study was approved by the Regional Ethical Review Board of Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

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