Speed dating hong kong review

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You can also customize your search with lifestyle, appearance and cultural values as filters. You can basically do what you can on the website in the app. The site, however, still provides Mandarin and English translations.It serves as a convenient complement to the website."I am not really into online dating sites myself. And frankly, if you are not on the premium account, there is really not much to do which is a bummer."The overall design is not that special. Although at first glance, you may not feel that the site is a dating website because of its minimalist blue background, it is fun and quite easy to use.However, it does not necessarily exude dating app vibes. is ultimately cheaper with premium features that assure that you will definitely be getting your money's worth.On the home page, you can scroll through various profiles. Being in a multi-ethnic city, the majority of the members have a basic to expert knowledge of English, making the language barrier not an issue.Since it is not mandatory, you may customize your profile according to your personality but don't expect other members' faithfulness in keeping their own profiles updated and completed.The first thing you will have to fill out is the appearance section. Translate messages into your language There are three grades of membership on Hong Kong Cupid.com: Standard, Gold, and Platinum.However, the crux of the matter is, if you are a gentleman looking for girls, most of the site's female population are not in premium, making the contact harder if both of you are on free accounts.It is important to note that the site gives you matches, although the more accurate and specially filtered matches are reserved for premium accounts.

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Once registered, you are taken to the page where you can upload your display photo which will be reviewed by the site within 12 hours after uploading.

One quick download and installation later, you are now ready to browse for your potential partners on mobile. It is tailored specifically to expatriates and foreign men looking for beautiful and single Asian women.

The design is consistent with the website, making use of the trademark blue color. This aligns with the idea that perhaps romance need not be restricted by distance.

Sadly, the best way to make contact with others is to upgrade to a premium account.

But all is not lost since having a verified account can be to your advantage, too.

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