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Apart from the pumping station in the vicinity of the northern gate of Busosanseong Fortress and the remaining residential accommodation within the Archaeological Site of Gwanbuk-ri, the sites have not been impacted adversely by development or neglect.

Authenticity Most elements of the eight component parts of the serial property have suffered human intervention including reparation and restoration to different degrees.

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Over the past several years the online dating landscape changed dramatically, which is due in large part to the proliferation of free online dating sites for every region, area of interest, and type of relationship sought.The buffer zones are protected under the Cultural Heritage Protection Act up to 500m from the boundaries of the property components and under the Cultural Heritage Protection Act which limits the height of new buildings to 8 metres.The property is managed by the Baekje Historic Areas Conservation and Management Foundation with input from central, provincial and local authorities as well as community associations through the Community Council, which in turn co-ordinates three Local Community Councils.韓国中央部西側の山間部に位置する、百済王朝後期の3つの古都の遺跡。百済王朝は、紀元前18年から紀元660年までの700年近くに及んだ、朝鮮半島最古の王朝の一つ。構成資産は、475年から660年までの王陵、城、城壁、寺院跡など8つの遺跡からなる。中国の都市計画や建築技術、芸術、宗教にかかわる概念を取り入れたこれらの遺跡は、百済王朝が隣国との交流によって文化的発展の絶頂を迎えた時期を示すものであり、百済王朝独特の文化・宗教・芸術を表す類いまれな物証である。 source: NFUAJ Brief synthesis Located in the mountainous mid-western region of the Republic of Korea, the remains of three capital cities collectively represent the later period of the Baekje Kingdom as it reached its peak in terms of cultural development involving frequent communication with neighbouring regions.The Baekje lasted 700 years from 18 BCE to 660 CE and was one of the three earliest kingdoms on the Korean peninsula.

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