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I am sure you would not want someone plotting on how to get a guy you were going with. ) If you mean that he isn't interested in this girl and you are and he's not dating her on a steady basis there is nothing wrong with you asking her out. However, if he's steady dating her and just going to dump her, wait until he has done so, and then wait a little longer to ask her out as I'm sure she'll be very hurt at his… Maybe dating sounds more serious, like both of you acknowledging that you're seeing each other in the romantic sense. The term dating comes from setting a date and time to meet.If they are dating several girls and no one on a steady basis then there is nothing wrong with going out with this person. good but it has changed a lot Prior to the 60s dating was different. What I think you need to tell both of them that he is cheating on them you are going to want proof (both of them addminttiing to each other that they are dating the same boy Good question.I would say that steady dating would be if you've been going out with the same person for years but you're not yet married to them.It's like having a boy or girlfriend for a long period of time.

In the latter case you should just wait and see what happens. Dating means that you are going out with someone such as to the movies or dinner.

Going out on a steady basis means you are 'going steady' and shouldn't be dating…

11 years old is far too young to be seriously dating.

He may be afraid to commit to steady dating for now.

Dating other guys and only talking to him on a steady basis.

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