Signing and dating art prints

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You may wish to number and sign them, so people know what number print of the run they have purchased, as lower numbers are perceived to have a higher value than larger numbers.

You also may wish to send along or attach to each print a certificate of authenticity.

After you've paid your initial setup costs through sales, then the cost to you is only the printing and your profit margin increases.

You can sell your prints in a variety of places, from your own website and exhibitions to local shops and galleries.

To shellac the image, cover the front of the image with your adhesive as well, but be aware that this will produce a surface sheen - and you might want to choose glossy or mat finish depending on what you want the image to look like.

Artists should take the important final step of signing their prints.

Prints can be done on paper or canvas in whatever size the artist desires.Consider also whether you'll sell them framed or without frames (or both).When deciding how to price the prints, take into consideration the scan cost, the product cost, and shipping tubes and other supplies. Choose the kind of mat board you need based on the what your work is going to be used for. It’s basically REALLY thick rag paper--permanent and beautiful.

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