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More than one in four (27.9%) say that images of gay parades or practices ‘disgusts them’.30% of the Polish population would like to see ban on the public promotion of homosexual content.Sex Education in Poland is considered very poor and is virtually non-existent in many areas of the country.Educators have long complained that the curriculum (which is not compulsory) has been written by ardent Catholics.

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Though the country has legalised homosexuality (see below), public opinion is not in favour of same-sex marriage and over half of all Poles (52.5%) believe that the current scale of gay promotion is excessive.

Largely influenced by other Slavic nations such as Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, Poland also borders Germany and is divided by the Baltic sea to the North from Scandinavia.

The country has a reputation for being a conservative and religious nation but how does this influence sex in Poland?

The country is also reputedly one of the most religious countries in Europe.

Famously the birthplace of the popular Pope, Jean Paul II, 90% of Poles consider themselves Catholic but only 10% are actively so.

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