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Before long, they worked together as pimps, and, by late 1977, had escalated to what would become known as the "Hillside Strangler" murders.

They had raped and murdered ten women by the time they were arrested in early 1979.

He was adopted in August 1951 by Nicholas Bianchi and his wife Frances Scioliono-Bianchi (Angelo Buono's aunt), and was their only child.

Bianchi was deeply troubled from a young age, with his adoptive mother describing him as "a compulsive liar" from the time he could talk.

They experimented with other methods of killing, such as lethal injection, electric shock, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The women were 22-year-old Karen Mandic and 27-year-old Diane Wilder, both students at Western Washington University.

One night, shortly after they botched their would-be eleventh murder, Bianchi revealed to Buono he had participated in LAPD police ride-alongs, and that he was currently being questioned about the Strangler case.

Buono flew into a rage and threatened to kill Bianchi if he did not move to Bellingham, Washington, which he did in May 1978.

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