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The magazine’s story is predicated on a false premise, but Gossip Cop still reached out to a Jolie confidante, who assures us she’s not dating Penn. “Angelina Jolie Secretly Dating Jared Leto Amid Brad Pitt Divorce? We’re told the actress is only “focused on her children and work” at this time. As time has proven, the actress was never in a relationship with either actor. “It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she and Sean showed up in public with her kids in tow,” adds the seemingly phony tipster.

Things got kind of hot, and next thing you know, they’re hanging out together – not making any secret of their relationship.” The suspicious insider further contends there’s always been an “intense chemistry” between Jolie and Penn, even during the time she was with Pitt.When you leave a relationship there has to be some crazy story or some crazy drama.And the ghosting thing, like literally I still don't even know what it is." CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY magazine: "It's just its own beast.Charlize has since been the subject of speculation, with reports claiming that the South African beauty "ghosted" her ex – meaning she completely and suddenly cut off all communication with Sean.Addressing the rumours, Charlize, 40, said: "There is this need to sensationalise things.

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