Sample letters from pastor updating membership

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It is common for the home office of each church denomination to offer record cards for manual record systems.Personal computing fosters a wide range of church record keeping systems.In-house systems require that regular backups of church data be kept in a secure off-site location.Backups override the possibility of hazard loss or theft.Health disclosures made to the pastor must be given tight security.Each method of member record keeping must deal with sensitive material.Take care to restrict this information to those authorized to deal with such information.If you have moved out of the area or are attending another fellowship, would you please help to update our membership rolls by answering the following questions?

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It is important for the pastor and responsible church officers to have up-to-date information on each member of the congregation.

Many different kinds of information can be kept and cross-linked to meet a variety of purposes.

Data can be entered for individual member giving, small group participation, event notices, planning and church budgeting.

Regular software updates and improvements originate with the website management company as a feature of their service.

Church membership records include many items of a sensitive nature.

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