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Upon reading this opus, two things come to mind I am/was always jealous towards men who are wealthy - do not have to work for a living and do not count their moneys.

For the sake of the wealthy men out there, I hope it is the first…but if it is the second…then I suddenly feel sad for the wealthy men.

Are they really confined, in their sexual dealings with women, to all that styrofoam and transparent plastic that the SLF poster describes - instead of eating steak, drinking wine and going for a good walk?

Again, just for the sake of clarity, while I am not a wealthy man, I used to travel a lot in my yonder years and had a bit of cash to burn.

(read more...) Besides meeting numerous fantastic women that took me on some of the most romantic and incredibly thoughtful dates I have ever been on, Joe and your staff were amazing.

The support, the tenacity in their work, I cannot begin to describe the relaxed yet productive atmosphere they produced for someone on a vacation.(read more...) This was everything you promised and then some.

We will help you with all the mental and language barriers. She is hoping to meet you, but like you, she is also a little scared and shy as you are!

Commenting on:https:// take: This girl is most likely yet another made-up character spun by the SLF English majors pushing for yet another marketing angle.

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