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So, that was truly the confidence boost I needed before walking into a bar full of over 80 strangers, half of whom I would have to spend three minutes conversing with. “Yeah screw it, let’s do the damn thing," Pamela says.I turn to my best friend Pamela, who is accompanying me because A.) we’d just finished watching the Ted Bundy documentary and she didn’t want me going alone, and B.) she was curious about having 40 first dates in an evening, as well. The Crompton Ale House in Manhattan is full of dark wood accents, vintage books glued to their shelves, and single people ready to rub elbows on a Saturday night.En cette année 2019, j’ai finalement repris ma tentative d’appréciation de la […] Voilà bientôt la fin des vacances pour moi et après avoir rempli mes orteils de sable fin et barboté dans l’eau dégueulasse de la mer du Nord, je viens te faire un petit topo de ce que j’ai écouté pendant cette période estivale.Bon, je vais te raconter la fin directement : je n’ai écouté que […] Le 5 juillet dernier, Long Story Short, quatuor punk rock montréalais, a lancé son tout dernier EP, Stranded.There are no red and pink decorations, no cheesy indication of what the event was marketed as. Pamela and I are directed to the back of the bar, where the good people of NY Minute Dating gave us our name tags and pieces of paper to record the people we met.The next day, we will be able to log onto the website and select the names of the dates we felt we had a genuine connection with.La mission derrière le festival Rock la Cauze est bien simple : amasser des fonds par l’entremise d’un spectacle extérieur au parc Terre des Jeunes, à Victoriaville.

"People are craving, real connections and experiences. You can’t read charisma online.” Her advice for anyone looking to get the most of their experience is simple, but poignant, “Treat it like you’re meeting new people, not new potential mates.People beeline to the platters of snacks, and I turn to Pamela, eyes wide. Should I just skip years of online dating and guys named Chad and just join a convent already? After a date that felt the need to speak to me all but three inches away from my face, I began to wonder what my 50-yard dash time would be in the pair of gold Lauren Conrad heels that I had donned for the occasion.” I rub my temples, thinking about how I already wear all black and have minimum contact with men, so pivoting to being a nun wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for me. I told the last two guys you were my sister.” “Oh my gosh, no, you didn’t. A rolled ankle would be significantly less painful and easier to deal with whatever was ahead of me for the next hour. Was I better off aimlessly swiping, hoping that out of 100 matches, I could find one decent person to Snapchat for a week before forgetting about them?Et crois-moi, tu ne veux pas manquer ta chance d’y être!J’ai participé pour la première fois aux After Partys du M4C l’an dernier et […] S’il y a bien une chose qui me plaît quand on parle de punk rock, c’est l’engagement pour le bien de l’humanité, aussi appelé « philanthropie ».

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