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There is also the importance of social media to value.

Most people want to put snippets of their relationships on social media.

Most Interesting Guy in the Room Package is a 5 CD and 30 day interactive training that helps to make any man become more attractive to women.

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Most of the material is 10 years old or more and there doesn't seem to be many influencial personalities these days meaning there isn't much demand I'm guessing but why is that ?

I think it might have to do with, as you say, the bad rep and the fact that now days there are easier ways to get laid. There is plenty of good seduction based stuff out there, in fact its better than ever. The most important one is probably our change to image culture.

Every time a person swipes left or right on tinder, they are subconsciously reaffirming many things-- the importance of appearance is chief among them.

At that time there was no tinder or okcupid-- the bar or nightclub was where you went if you wanted to get action.

Now nightclubs are struggling more than they have in the past and the male to female ratio has gotten worse. With the campaigns against slut-shaming and all of that, women are simply not as hard to sleep with anymore.

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