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As a lifelong fan of pornography, I’ve always thought India should put out more of the stuff.

They’ve got one of the highest populations in the world, which means more people to fuck on camera.

Nobody’s trying to jerk it to the fucking typography here. You know exactly what you’re going to get when you see a shaved muff getting hammered or an old guy squeezing a Desi teen’s tit.

I don’t know anything about this Swathi Nude video except the chick in the thumbnail has a pretty face and the title makes it sound like I’ll see her naked. Desi XNXX’s wonky design distracts me for a second as the video loads in a lopsided player.

I’m sure you already know she’s a Telegu TV show host turned porno actress, but I just found out.

Desi XNXX has a very healthy collection of her material.

Instead of that babe from out front, I’m looking at a big pic of a little flaccid dick. I click the Play button and a hand appears on screen, cleaning the obscene member with a towel. I appreciate it, even more, when the chick appears on screen.

She actually looks a little different than the thumbnail, which just happens from time to time, but I’d definitely smash her.

We can spend all day pissing on the logo, but in the end it doesn’t matter. The thumbnails don’t give you a moving preview, so they can only tell you so much.

Your day-long sessions ain’t normal, but they certainly are admirable. I hope you’re ready for a porn delivery like right now.

Of course, none of the major shipping companies have corporate pages covered in Desi broads getting stuffed with cock.

Desi (or Desi is set up like your typical free porn tube, with row after row of obscenity in little squares.

Click one to watch the Desi lovers kissing in the park, the old teacher fucking his student or any of the dozen of fuck scenes on the page.

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