Prestashop translations not updating

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For instance, most of the content from the back office is gathered in the “Admin” folder, but each string is given a different context, based on the exact file from which it was extracted.Which gave something like: (And a lot of duplicated strings) We also have 46% of the whole translatable strings in one file, split down in 104 pages in Crowdin.If you have 1.6 modules compatible with the 1.7 version, don’t worry!The new system will be compatible with Presta Shop 1.6 translations, so there is nothing to do. On the other hand, if you’re developing 1.7-specific modules, we encourage you to follow the new standards explained above. You should keep using the legacy translation system and it will work just like before.You need much courage if you want to translate the Presta Shop 1.6 back office (and many of you didn’t stop at this, thanks a lot for your dedication!! So, we came up with what we hope is a better translation system, which: It’s mostly based on domains.Presta Shop 1.7 having introduced the use of Symfony framework, we’re adapting the translation system to follow the Symfony way.In Crowdin, you will then have a mix of files and folders, like this: Some strings might be rather generic (like “Search” or “Settings updated”) and can be shared with other modules or pages.

From there, it seemed to be a good occasion to improve how the translation system works in Crowdin too.

If a string is specific to a given page, then it shouldn’t be in the global domain.

All the call-to-actions, buttons or links that you find on the back office, and that are quite generic (“Save”, “Add”, “Delete”, etc.).

Some are major, most are minor, but they all bring a slew of innovations, improvements and bug-fixes.

It is therefore highly advised to keep up with the latest version.

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