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If your ERP system doesn’t provide all the functionality needed to access, analyze and report on your critical business information, you’ll need to integrate it with external applications.

But after you start using external applications, your data is at risk.

It’s a constantly evolving threat, and almost every new update at least in part addresses any known vulnerabilities.

Just ask Fed Ex, Russia’s Interior Ministry or Britain’s public health system.

That’s why it’s critical that your business takes its time, solicits the help of your IT team and does everything in its power to tighten all the security screws at all stages of integration; your data will be thankful.

Sometimes the culprit of an attack isn’t external—it’s from within.

First and foremost, always pay close attention to and abide by your industry-specific requirements.

Credit card numbers and social security data should always be heavily encrypted, and other common requirements include firewalls, foolproof passwords and other back-end precautionary measures.

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For example, an SMB managing the same data in both an ERP and Microsoft Excel not only runs the risk of having discrepancies between the two systems.All of the above were devastated by a massive global cyberattack in 2017.The attack exploited susceptibilities in software managed by Microsoft—which, it turns out, had issued a patch Whenever your ERP platform releases a new update, install it as soon as possible.Small and midsize businesses, which often lack the resources of larger enterprise corporations, are particularly at risk.But by taking the following five precautions, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) can avoid the pitfalls of on-premise ERP security threats and preserve the level of trust, customer loyalty and revenue required to run a secure and successful business. Software Vulnerabilities: Keep Software Up-to-Date 2. Data Risk: Limit the Use of External Applications 3.

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