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But for others, it may cause you to truly examine the path you are on.

Description: Can assurances for our salvation be found in the Word? As he passionately takes the listener through the tests in 1 John, he challenges every believer to examine themselves in the light of God's Word.

He teaches how God has chosen us to be a revelation to His creation of His love and glory. While he tears down the secular mindset that has crept it's way into the church like lists of conditions for a spouse and dating, he also sets up the framework for what can truly help anyones marriage.

Many wonderful principles from years of experience are relayed in this sermon, if you are thinking of courtship or marriage, this teaching will greatly benefit the glory of God in that respect.

You must earn the right to have a relationship with a daughter of God.

In this teaching session on Biblical Manhood, Paul Washer explains what a young man must be in order to consider beginning a relationship with the opposite sex.

He also admonishes us to guard our hearts from the world, for we are zealously and purely loved.

Description: Paul continues his teachings on God's love, but with an emphasis on our response. Are you giving Him all of you or are you just giving Him activity? Description: Brother Paul Washer here lays down the foundation for a biblical and solid marriage.

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The promotion of His name for His glory is the driving force behind the true missions of the Church.

He explains why courtship cannot be considered in isolation from the rest of family life, and goes on to focus our attention on the responsibilities of parents (principally fathers) in establishing Biblical principles in the home, such as the example of their own Godliness, teaching and discipline, and the proper submission of children to authority.

(78 minutes)Description: In this sermon, Paul takes use through some of the New Covenant promises which are found in the Old Testament. Description: How does a just and holy God forgive sin?

Learn how only God's perfect Son could satisfy the Father's need for justice. Description: A confronting word on true salvation and genuine conversion.

Are you walking a life where the discipline of the Lord is evident?

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