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the problem now is the "txt Capacoty" do not reflect the new user input the original value of txt Capacoty was 100, I changed it to 500, but the int Capacity is still 100 (tested in Debug mode using watch)therefore the variable pass to obj Setting BL. How to fire events in other web form from other web form ? I want to trigger B web form's Page_Load event from A web form. Thanks in advanced Wilbert Wilbert Bujn Create a public method in B that call the load method : public void Load(object sender, System. Shell not working in web form but working with windows forms. I want to run some exe files (Exa: Internet explorer) using shell command in If you are using VB, you should be able to use dropdowns on top of the code editor - select Page in the left one and the designed event in the right one and editor will generate the code. Hi, I downloaded a little example recently and tried converting it to VB. Surprisingly I found that while my VB Web projects and CSharp Windows Form projects work with If not do I need to hack the msi and if so can anybody suggest a suitable tool. In this case im looking to create a web and wap version of the same project. NET and C# and I am wondering how to create the mobile web form and incorporate it in the project. How to Make Web Forms from other Web Forms In putting together an ASP.Event Args e) In the page_load of A, instanciate a B object and then call the function B my B = new B() ; my B. Unfortunately, C# editor does not p...dropdowndw properties not working on web forms 11.5Hi. In the project folder, can I just add a mobile web??? Cheers -Dudach Yes, you can add mobile web forms and controls to your Web Application project. NET application for a biz application, we have come to the point where there are three different types of basic forms which have, for the most part, been perfected.Thanks to all you for answer, but the examples posted aren't my case.As I said, I create the Grid View controls dinamically, I don't have asp tags with the Gidview control.But we also have and have a application us...usercontrol events doesn't work on web form my usercontrol have two kind of events- Image Button7. Add("onmouseout", "src='images/link1.gif'") to change appearence while moving the mouse, and response.redirect to limk to other sites.

I have tried to not override in control and instead use delegates like I described in ... The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. However, I want to create an unload event by I don't know how to create it from the designer. these windows forms we need to convert into web forms which are asp compatible. Hi, because of the difference in nature between web and win applications you'll need to reimplement at least the UI part. I have created an msi for each but the problem is I seem to only be able to deploy to the default web site. To solve the problem, look at the web service's directive, not the code-behind or the ASMX designer. I am tasked with implementing a application that was writen vb6 then converted to into a new website my team is developing. How to add event to Web Form from the designer Hi there, I know that when i double click a web form I'm taking to the page_load event. currently we have forms connecting to the database created in visual basic. Is there something I should be doing to enable my web forms to work on the web for pda's also? That's fine but I now want to deploy them to my real IIS server.This means that when the user does an update, the data from that update is lost.But I think I can´t avoid to do this, because if I don't, the runtime created controls fade away.

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