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Technically, I was one week short but I did go out with one more guy (“the artist”) in early September.As a recovering perfectionist, I say this counts as success.Dating is one of those things that can really change the course of someone’s recovery.Dating in recovery can be confusing, whether it’s two addicts in a relationship or a “normie” and addict dating.I’ve yet to see a computer algorithm match people the right way (maybe because it hasn’t worked for me) so I’ve been stubborn about trying to pursue many matches whenever I get alerts.It’s nice to browse through but then it gets frustrating when people don’t turn out to be who they said…When I’m bored, I’ll just hop online and see who’s around and strike up conversation. Personally for me, the best way to meet potential dates is through my friends – going to brunch, a party, etc.By doing so, you have an instant point of connection (your friend), and somewhat of an assurance that you will be on the same wavelength (because people that are friends tend to be similar on some level).

This year, I have managed to just keep getting back out there. The challenges of the first date are not the same as the challenges of the fourth date.I am no longer avoiding it, I am pushing through it. The stakes get bigger, things get more complicated, more feelings are involved, things get more confusing.I has been a pain in the ass, but I have also met some interesting people, had some stimulating conversations, learned more about myself, shared some intimate moments, received some hilarious text messages, and opened myself up more. I do look forward to the day when the benefits outweigh all of this hard emotional work (and logistical scheduling!I hate to leave things hanging so now that it is almost the end of September, I should tell you how my August dating challenge ended up.The goal was to go on one date a week and I managed to almost do that (if going out with the same guy in two different weeks counts and I say it does) before things with the Sommolier came to an end in late August.

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