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To help you navigate Auckland’s treacherous dating waters, we’ve come up with 15 ways (some tried and tested, some a stab in the dark) to find a date.

Do you want to find the best dating sites NZ and start dating in New Zealand? A lot of singles are looking for a love partner, new friends, or even their soulmate.

If you don't hit it off, it's only five minutes out of your life! The benefit of Speed Dating is you can actually feel the chemistry (or lack of) with each person you meet.

Unlike online dating, what you see really is what you get!

In fact, she almost seemed to be trying to put suitors off. I could tell she was deft with words (magazine editor, as it turned out) and that pressed my buttons. When a friend tangled with a man who she professed to be very keen on, but in an instant became bored or freaked-out and violently pulled the plug, I felt reasonably qualified to impart some advice.

It still took six months of “wordly” manoeuvring before we said, “Okay, let’s give this a whirl.” Even good relationships can run their course and, six years on, I was single again and totally shocked at how the game had changed. My doctor assured me he could find no evidence of alien growth or exotic deformity.

My single women friends were now extremely busy on Tinder, swiping away furiously. When I eventually managed to track Live-wire down and politely enquire about the abrupt ending, she said “short, sharp and sweet” was the best way to end things. Detective work revealed this peremptory attitude was more common than I could have imagined, exposing a modern ruthlessness about “getting in and getting out”. One friend, I discovered, keeps a template of “rejecting” letters on her various devices for termination efficiency.

I asked one glamorous friend when she even had time to look on Tinder. The attention of Tinder-users seemed to be measured in frenzied nano-seconds. Short and sharp is only “sweet” for one, I ventured.

I was surprised to find quite a difference in the meeting and mating protocols and rituals. “Men in Europe know how to flirt.” Kiwi women, it seemed to me, paid lip-service to being attracted to the caring-sharing metrosexual type.Speed Dating is a fun, easy and safe way to meet 8-12 new people in one night.You’ll have 5 minutes to date each single and at the end of the night you decide if you’re tempted for a second date or a friend connection and if the feeling is mutual we will give you each other's contact details.Afterwards, feel free to mingle and continue those conversations that were cut short! Please purchase you ticket via the Speed Date website. A match occurs when two people have both picked each other as a mutual match - either a date match or friend connection.

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