Ocd cant take dating rejection

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These caregivers I have worked with may sound a lot like you.

Your spouse was once a perfectly healthy, functioning person, who you depended on to perform certain duties within your marital relationship.

These duties included but were not limited to household chores, helping to raise children, managing finances, providing emotional support and being your best friend. So, as a married person, you are now faced with a spouse who is changing and becoming more and more dependent on you.

When you married, your expectation was that you would share these responsibilities throughout your life and you would walk side by side, taking care of each other. So what are the issues that you may be facing in your marriage as your spouse progresses with dementia?

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What I really meant was, “I intend for both of us to stay perfectly healthy until we peacefully die in our sleep simultaneously”.Losing your spouse to dementia is often a slow, emotionally painful process.One reason we choose a partner in life is to have a best friend with whom we can share our deepest thoughts.Continue giving physical affection as much as possible, but realize that your sexual relationship will be different.Don’t be afraid to ask family, friends and professionals for help with getting everything done at home.

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