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Gallagher is now minister for relations with states in the Secretariat of State in Rome.

He points out that the Vatican has every right to protect itself under Article 24 of the 1961 Vienna Convention, which stresses the inviolability of documents belonging to a diplomatic mission.

Being female and a no-nonsense critical voice, Anne was popular among party members, and her positions were indeed a breath of fresh air to a party with an unmistakably patriarchal and conservative stamp.

Despite being appreciated by party members, Anne’s presence in the political scene was anathema to many cis male politicians in the Unionist Party, especially those who upheld a hardline brand of unionism.

She fearlessly stood for the rights of the Irish Nationalist/Catholic community, and was especially critical of discrimination in employment and housing.

Anne’s contributions to the politics of Northern Ireland strongly reflect a salient feature of the women’s movement of Ireland as a whole.

LONDON (RNS) — A British government inquiry into the sexual abuse crisis that continues to shake the Catholic Church has focused on the actions of the Vatican’s diplomatic service — its network of papal nuncios around the world.

Pearce, convicted in 2009, later had his eight-year prison sentence commuted to five after he pleaded guilty to sexual attacks on five boys, four of them under 14, over 36 years. It was later disclosed that while police were searching for him Soper had 400,000 pounds (7,000) in a Vatican bank account and wrote on several occasions from his Kosovo base to the bank, asking for funds to be transferred to him.

#Anne Dickson #Women In Politics #Northern Ireland #Ulster Unionism #Ulster Unionist Party #UPNIIn June 2016, I had the good fortune of meeting Anne Laetitia Dickson MP CBE, the first woman to lead a political party in Northern Ireland (and the second in the island of Ireland).

Starting her career in active politics as the chair of the Carrick Party Executive of the Unionist Party, Anne was elected to the Newtownabbey Urban District Council in 1965, and to Stormont at the infamous 1969 Crossroads election, polling 9,529 preferential votes.

However, Gallagher himself set a precedent in Australia when, after months of negotiation, he handed over documents to the New South Wales inquiry.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Committee Against Torture criticized the Holy See in 2014 for its lack of help in abuse cases.

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