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Don’t forget to start chatting with single women on Latin American Cupid before you come.

That can be a safe and easy way to find ladies who want to hook up without having to go out in the sketchy nightlife.

That’s how I got in touch with Brunela, identified with a Venezuelan flag in the webpage.

She charges 300 soles an hour, available between Monday and Sunday, only for dates in the Lima district. The meeting was set for the day following my message and it was just this simple: Anderson gave me her number, I sent her a text to set the appointment, as in any other transaction.

There are even nascent businesses around prostitution, such as renting furnished apartments specifically for Venezuelan women.

Anderson travelled from Aragua de Barcelona to Lima on the first week of December 2017, with a suitcase full of ideas and enthusiasm.

There are even job offers exclusively for Venezuelans, because employers can save money in terms of wages and labor benefits.

Anderson had messy living conditions, he slept on the floor in a gym where a friend of his worked.

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Even if you have experience traveling in Latin America you need to be on even higher guard here.

Although for some the promise comes through in the form of dignified living conditions, many Venezuelans are exploited in 12-hour working shifts, earning minimum wage.

According to Anderson, several hotels in the city have special employees charged with letting pimps know if any new Venezuelan women have arrived so they can make their proposals.

He’s an industrial security technician, and he worked on that for several years in a prestigious Venezuelan company. He got tired of the routine in a month and resigned.

His first job in Peru was as a bearer in a shipping company: he unloaded containers from a.m. In recent months, Peruvian news have been filled with stories of native citizens being laid off in favor of Venezuelans.

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