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We all need the connection of other adults in our lives, and for single parents, that connection is incredibly important. Think about the places you’d like to see and make it happen.

Traveling with children can be difficult and expensive. This could mean a long weekend away somewhere, or maybe a longer journey halfway around the world.

Take a long walk, read a book without interruption, chat on the phone with a friend without the chorus of “Mom-mom-mom” in the background.

Many parents experience empty nest syndrome when their child moves out of the house for the first time.

College life isn’t just for young adults, and this might be the perfect time to jumpstart your own education.

Most local colleges offer continuing education classes, online classes, or degree completion programs.

Go to a poetry reading, take a fly-fishing class, or see what kind of art shows are happening at your local gallery. Most parents have the habit of putting their own needs on the back burner when their children are small, and single parents often take it to the next level. ) to get a pedicure, work out or get regular haircuts when your time and energy is all about the kids?And no doubt, it can be a little scary to put yourself out there. And with the advent of online dating, it’s never been easier or more convenient.You can be as choosy as you like, and meeting someone for coffee or lunch is a safe and easy way to dip your pinky toe into those dating waters.That half-finished bachelor’s degree or dream of a masters program might be more feasible than you think, with the potential of not only keeping your mind active, but improving your career as well.Kids are a great excuse for hiding from the dating scene.

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