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, in which parents from a wealthy suburban Kansas City school district, Shawnee Mission, sued for permission to raise their property taxes so that they could spend more on education.The case is striking both for its facts and for the plaintiffs’ far-reaching claims.The state would provide a base level of funding per pupil but allowed districts to levy additional local taxes up to a cap of 25 percent of their base.By 2010 the cap had risen to 30 percent or, with approval of district voters, 31 percent.In the wake of the recent economic downturn, the state reduced its base payment to all districts.Noting Shawnee Mission’s nearly million in budget cuts over two years and plans for school closures, the plaintiffs asked the court to enjoin the local cap.

Striking it down would require striking down the entire school finance structure, an option Judge Lungstrum was unwilling to entertain. But if the local cap cannot be severed, federal courts will likely remain reluctant to wade into the state’s school funding choices.At ,174 per pupil, the district’s spending was almost 0 below the state average.That a rich district could perversely become poor is explained by the fact that the base amount provided by the state is subject to complicated weighted increases that favor sparsely populated western and urban eastern districts while disfavoring suburban eastern ones such as Shawnee Mission.As well, by forbidding additional taxes it limits their right to use their property as they wish.Still more inventive, they invoked the First Amendment right of assembly, saying that the cap prevents voters from expressing their collective wishes at the ballot box.

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