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If you look at the interviews of top models, they are usually extremely organized and they have to exhibit male energy in a professional channel – when is my shoot, how much am I getting paid, how to do complete in a market full of gorgeous women?If the girl always seems drunk, flakey, or just can’t plan ahead properly, she’s either not that into you, or just disorganized.They can’t let go of the situation and move forward. It is possible that she had a very bad day, but a girl who spends the date complaining about her life is probably a huge red flag.Loser Trait #6: She’s always late, or flakey, or can’t plan ahead of time properly Yes, girls go on their emotions, blah blah pick up theory bullshit.

On some level, they also don’t like woman or themselves.So here are the 7 loser traits I’ve noticed that you want to avoid: Loser Trait #1: She’s got more than 2 kids and under 30. Usually, low income demographics have a higher chance of having kids when younger, but occasionally you get the very ambitious single mom with a kid from a previous relationship.Unless they’re twins, it’s always possible to have an accident. At some point, she probably made a mistake in determining whether the guy was right for her, and if this happens twice then there’s a very high probably that her decision making skills are not quite up to par. But if she’s working a dead-end up and constantly complaining about it, she’s probably not that happy with her situation.I know my girl is hot and can charm men, so this is always a welcomed social value.Loser Trait #5: She spends more time complaining than enjoying your company on more than 1 occasion People who complain are in some way living in the past.

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