Malesex in kerala photos

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I have always been fascinated by how beautiful art can look on someone’s body.I got into the whole 1950s look about three years ago because I think it really portrays who I am, be it the fashion, the cars, the music, everything! When I came to choose what kind of art I wanted on my body it was only natural to go for old-school and I believe I have chosen one of the best artists in Malta- my beautiful blue-haired friend Dria from Guy Lee Familee in Mellieha.The amount of strangers who come up to me and try to make me look like an idiot because of my tats is unbelievable.

They shared their personal experiences with Lovin Malta and filled us in as to what it’s like to be tattooed in Malta in 2016, why they chose the artwork and the artists they did, and what the intricate images they’ve chosen to have permanently etched into their skin signify to them. I love the contrast of my pale skin next to the perfected black lines and bold colors of the ink.I also cook and own a kiosk at St Marija Bay on Comino.I’ve got various pieces by various artists, mainly Estelle Used at Tat Shack.Tattooing for me, rather than adding to my skin, it’s as if I’m erasing the skin for the colours and designs to shine through.” “I’m a tattoo artist at Guy Lee Familee Studio.Tattooing has become a lifestyle for me, I feel very lucky to be doing something I love every day.

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