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Researchers have found that BPD symptoms and diagnosis successfully predict dating satisfaction and stress, adolescents’ conflict with romantic partners, domestic violence, and separation and divorce.Typically individuals with BPD have difficulty trusting others.They also experience severe anger and frequently undermine their significant others.Those with BPD commonly mask their dependency and manipulation.When something goes wrong in their relationships, they do not respond in a manner that would repair the damage.

Those suffering with BPD do not have the skills to manage their rage.

Individuals with BPD may feel that their emotional needs are not met in a relationship, but they do not have the capacity to assert their emotional needs in a productive and healthy manner.

When they do not get what they want or need from the relationship, frustrations arise.

Frequently these individuals are unable to focus on the feelings of others because their own emotional pain is too great an obstacle.

Research has evidenced that women diagnosed with BPD display problematic sexual behaviors and patterns of unstable love relationships.

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