Mac disk utility updating boot support partitions

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Some of its exciting features of this partition manager tool are given below-· Creates an entirely new Mac partition· Resizes or remove any pre-existing partition· Resizes partition by optimizing the free space on mac OS HD· Resizes Boot Camp partition easily· Resize NTFS partition on external drive· Support the latest mac OS Sierra· File system supported are — HFS, FAT, ex-FAT and NTFSAvailability: mac OS Only2.Paragon Partition Manager This is another software for partition management tasks that is available in Licensed as well as a free edition for mac OS.I restarted and never got past a plain white screen. Restarted to the alternate disk again, ran disk utility on the main drive again, it found some problems and repaired them this time (last time it didn't find any) and now it's back to the "2 minute" updating boot support again... Any ideas on making the boot support partitions update so I don't have to go through that hell?Finally was able to boot from a different drive and ran disk utility on my main boot drive and it made some repairs and then gave me the message "Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required." The status bar shows it is in process and I get the message Estimated time: 2 minutes. Disk Utility repair functions are (from what I have heard) just a front end to FSCK, so that will likely give you the same results.

The problem here is that disk utility is usually not smart enough to know when to give up.And repairs can take a long time (overnight is not unheard of) so unrecoverably damaged disks often initially diagnose similar to what you are seeing.Failing other disk utilities or other Macs your best bet might be a visit to an Apple Genius.Once booted into Recovery mode you’ll find the limitations on Disk Utility’s repair function has been removed, and you can go about repairing the boot disk as intended. The repair process can take a while if there are a lot of errors on the drive, but oftentimes there are no problems found and so there will be nothing performed.The best thing to do is let the process run it’s course, as it may take a while and you don’t want to interrupt either the initial scanning for drive problems, or the repair attempts assuming any issues have been discovered on the drive.

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