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For instance, when one partner strongly criticizes the other’s faults under the guise being “helpful.” Spouses who are being disrespectful are rarely aware of it, and they may actually believe that they do respect their partner.Negative feelings from being disrespectful can build up and escalate into emotional or verbal abuse.Empathy is an essential ingredient in any healthy relationship but particularly in a marriage.A couple must be able to put themselves in their partner’s shoes.These difficulties may also be present with other more obvious problems.However, some much less discernable relationship “killers” may be silently lurking around your marriage. It erodes the marriage beneath the surface because sometimes it is so subtle that both the person doing the disrespecting and the person disrespected are both unaware it is happening.Most of us are aware of the most obvious things that ruin a marriage or a long-term relationship such as emotional or physical abuse, addiction, and infidelity.

This is most apparent when both partners have similar senses of humor.

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